Monki is a brand which I found through ASOS and I now love it to bits. It serves fresh fashion vibes with simplistic cuts that usually fit on the baggy side.

Here are some pieces I’m loving on the ASOS website at the minute.

Image result for monki face print shirt

This face print shirt could easily be worn as a dress, in my opinion, even if it is a little sheer nearer the hem. My wardrobe is a sea of black so this piece would fit in very nicely. It has just enough attitude to be fun but not too in your face.

Image result for monki patch denim jeans

I’m a high-waisted jeans kind of gal so these jeans definitely get my vote. They also give a subtle nod to the patchwork trend, and I like that the patches are in different shades of denim. I think they’re a cool statement pair of jeans.

Image result for monki velvet slip dress

Even though I always say I’m not into incredibly feminine fashion, I keep being drawn to light pink pieces. This slip dress is so adorable, I might just have to find space for it in my wardrobe. The velvet keeps it a little sassy, as does the length. I just need a reason to wear it, now!
(£12, reduced from £30)

Image result for Image

This shirt dress is similar to my first pick, but with a nice little element of pink thrown in. I just think this piece is pretty snazzy and again, a nice statement piece to have in your wardrobe.
(£30 currently out of stock)

Image result for Pajamas

Fine, fine, fine – I guess I like pink now. But c’mon, these leopard pyjamas are super cute (even the model is loving them, clearly). They’re so fun and I can never resist a cat, big or small.

Image result for monki floral sweatshirt

Ahhh, back in my comfort zone. This jumper is possibly my favourite piece from Monki on ASOS right now. It’s an effortlessly cool piece, I’m loving the dark floral.

Monki is a pretty affordable brand offering some killer statement pieces. It’s been a firm favourite of mine for a while now since they never fail to create fashion which makes me go ‘ooooh look!’ Keep doing your thing, Monki.



Obviously Monki is a brand unique from ASOS – this is their website. I just love the reward system that comes with shopping on ASOS, plus their free returns!





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20, studying at UEA in Norwich

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