Shoes, shoes, shoes! Here we go again, my top shoe picks – this time courtesy of the wonderful Topshop.


Image result for topshop MONTANA Western Ankle Boots

These red boots give me life – the colour is so in your face and fabulous. I love the Western detail in the buckles and style of the boots. I would probably style these with a monochromatic outfit, so all black or all white, hey, even all red maybe. These boots also come in a beige colour, if the red is scaring you.

Image result for topshop AMELIA Studded Boots

Again, these leopard studded boots are fucking cool. I don’t wear a whole lot of leopard because I think it’s easy to style it wrong. But this pair has just the right amount of sass to make me reconsider leopard. They are on the pricier end of the spectrum, but of course it depends on what your budget is and whether the use of real leather is important to you. (It’s definitely not something I look out for, in all honesty).
Image result for topshop ANTS Bug Embroidery Boots

I can’t let my love for black boots die just because the sun is flirting with England. These bug boots are pretty cool, you have to admit. I’m a fan of the relatively subtle embroidery because it means they’re easy to style but still unusual enough to be interesting.
(£69 now £30 in the sale!)


Image result for topshop NEPAL Buckle Sandals

Red, buckles, studs, small enough heel to be comfortable – what’s not to love? These shoes are cute and fierce in equal measure, just like me! (I’m joking) (sort of)

Image result for topshop GUSTO Buckle Strap Block Heels black

These patent shoes are similar to the last red pair but have the added feature of a closed-toe so you don’t have to bother painting your toenails. If you’re anything like me then you won’t have thought about your feet since about September because hooray it was the season of the fluffy socks and no bare feet. Spring brings sandals, though, so these are a nice in-between to ease you into the foot maintenance again.

Image result for topshop MARIGOLD Embroidery Platform Sandals

There’s definitely a bug theme going on in this post, but hey, Spring is about flowers and bugs, right? These platform heels are cute as can bee (sorry) and I’m so unbelievably tempted to add them to my collection.

Image result for topshop REENA Embroidered Tie Sandals

These embroidered heels caught my eye because of the gorgeous grey colour. I really like the tie detail going up the leg, and the pink works beautifully with that soft grey.


Image result for topshop FUND Embroidery Shoes

I genuinely can’t resist any embroidered piece, it seems. These black embroidered shoes would be super cute with a smarter outfit, but equally just with jeans and a light jumper. I’m a size seven if anyone wants to purchase a pair for me…

Image result for topshop FUND Embroidery Shoes

They also come in this cool khaki green colour which I am so on board with.

Image result for topshop Black Flat Ballerina Shoes by Miss KG

Right, so at this point you’re probably wondering what the hell my style actually is. Yeah, I don’t think I’ve figured that out yet and I’m absolutely fine with it. If I wanna wear combat boots one day and these snazzy pom-pom flats another, why the hell not?


I hope there was at least one pair in the mix that caught your eye. Happy shopping!



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