This post is going to be a lot longer than my usual pieces so kudos if you stick with it until the end. Here’s a round up of what I’ve been loving this month. Enjoy!

Lifestyle – Photography

My Dad gifted me this old 2003 model Canon camera because he knew I was thinking about purchasing a new version and wanted to let me figure out if it was worth spending the money. I’ve been absolutely loving playing with the settings and figuring out things like the best lighting and the difference between macro and micro (still not entirely sure I’ve got my head around it..)
Here are some of my favourite pictures from this month.








I am the worst person in the entire world to get music advice from. I have no music taste, barely listen to music, don’t know any current artists and haven’t really seen much music live. However, I have been loving the ‘Feelin Good‘ playlist on Spotify this month. It’s my anthem as I clean/walk home from uni/write.

Image result for spotify feeling good playlist

Respect – Arethra Franklin
Something’s Got A Hold On Me – Etta James
Superstition – Stevie Wonder
Lovely Day – Bill Withers
This Will Be – Natalie Cole
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye
Everyday People – Sly & The Family
Rescue Me – Fontella Bass
Mama Said – The Shirelles
Needle in A Haystack – The Velvelettes

I really love the ready-made playlists because they’re perfect for musically-clueless people like me. This playlist is such an uplifting collection of great old songs. If you’re in the mood for some chilled, jazzy music then definitely check this playlist out.


Since my course requires me to read three novels a week this semester, I’ve had a fair few books to pick between.

There But For The – Ali Smith

I’m such a fan of Ali Smith’s writing style and this book didn’t disappoint. I’ve written a review for this book already, so check that out here if you’d like some more detail.

A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness

This book was recommended to me by so many people and I get why. It’s such a beautiful book and so easy to read. It does feel like it’s aimed at a younger reader but perhaps that’s because the protagonist Conor is thirteen. I would highly recommend this to any reader, especially those who enjoy fantasy with a sense of humour.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist – Mohsin Hamid

I know the allegorical aspect of this book put a few people off but I found it intriguing. (I might do a more detailed analysis of this book because it is fun to pick apart the references and symbolism.) The format of this novel is interesting, with an unusual narrative style. As seems to be the cliche of every contemporary novel, the ending is ambiguous. But in this case, I think that works. Give this one a read if you’re into post 9/11, political fiction.


Bravissimo – I have no idea why I waited so long to go to a specialised shop for busty women! The lady who gave me a free fitting made me feel so comfortable and at ease, even with my tatas out. It turns out I was wearing completely the wrong size which doesn’t surprise me because I’ve recently lost quite a bit of weight and don’t know what works on my new body yet. After a proper fitting I’ve gone down in my band size but up in the cup. I was actually wearing a 34 band before which apparently was two sizes too big. Sweet Jesus, I can’t tell you how comfortable wearing the proper size is.
The rewards system is fab as well because after buying ten bras you get any bra for free.. Also, (last thing, I promise) their clothing comes in regular sizes but then goes further into detail with categories like ‘super curvy’ so the clothing properly fits gals with curves. I’m so excited to save up and buy more lovely bras/clothes etc.

Satine Bra(£29 The ‘satine’ style, you can buy it here)

Gypsy Bra(£32, the ‘Gypsy Bra’ which you can buy here)

Topshop Moto Jamie jeans – I’ve worn these jeans practically every day since I bought them at the beginning of March. They’re the first pair of Topshop jeans that I’ve purchased but they certainly won’t be my last. I bought this pair with ripped details. I’m definitely going to buy a darker pair, maybe a black version that aren’t ripped so I can mix up my looks a bit. Since summer I’ve pretty much only worn ‘mom jeans’ in a looser fit so it was a shock to the system to have jeans that actually hugged my curves. I’m not mad at how they make my legs look.



Benefit They’re Real! Double the Lip in Lusty Rose – I raved about this at the beginning of the month in my post about the March Birchbox which you can read here for a full review. I ended up purchasing the full-size version of Lusty Rose and I definitely have plans to buy Nude Scandal before it sells out. I love the formula so much – it’s hydrating, easy to apply and it smells amazing.

IMG_5534 (2)

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologne – Last July my mum gifted me a set of sample size Jo Malone colognes and I was absolutely loving Pomegrante Noir until I starting using this bad boy. Blackberry & Bay is such a nice scent, it’s light but it mixes in so well with the natural scent of your body that you end up just smelling good, not like you have perfume on. Nothing hurts my heart more than the fact that 100ml of this beauty costs £88. I’m just going to enjoy my tiny bottle until it runs out and then maybe beg for some more for my birthday.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your March! In April I’m looking forward to the weather getting steadily warmer, Easter Sunday with my family, and waking up next to my boyfriend on the first of April.

This post is not sponsored in any way by any of the brands I have mentioned but merely reflects my honest opinions and what I’m loving at the minute.

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