I took a little bit of time away from the blog because I was visiting my boyfriend in Scotland and then one of my all-time favourite people came to stay with me. I’m back!
I was perusing M&S today and fell in love with a few pieces so I’m here to share some of their gorgeous clothing. M&S is proof that clothing stores shouldn’t have age limits because you can find nice pieces wherever you shop.

linen m&sThese patterned linen trousers may look a bit crazy but trust me when I say they look fabulous on. I tried them on with a white shirt and rolled them up at the hem until they were ankle length (which is how I usually like to wear my trousers anyway).

bblack linen
There’s a focus on linen pieces in this post because I’m headed to Thailand in September and I’ve been advised that linen is the best to help handle the humidity. These black trousers are basically identical to the first pair but will be so much easier to style.

white linen shirtLinen again, oops, I promise I’ll move on in a minute! I sized up in this white shirt so it was nice and loose which created a much more casual look. I might end up finding a cheaper version of this because it is sort of a basic after all, but I genuinely was a fan of the fit and feel of this.

black dress m and sThis embroidered skater dress is super cute and looks unbelievably comfortable. I love how they’ve styled it on the site – I would totally wear this with my white converse and a denim jacket. I’ve noticed that my wardrobe is seriously lacking in casual dresses so maybe this little beauty will be part of the remedy.

white lace sleeveSince statement sleeves are such a thing right now, I had to include this beautiful white jumper. The lace detail and the slightly flared cuffs are so appealing to me. I love lightweight pieces like this which make it much easier to transition into spring.

stripe jumperSticking with the lightweight knit, this striped jumper is another of my favourites. I love black, stripes and embroidery so of course I’m a massive fan of this piece. I have a faux leather skirt that I would tuck this into and wear with heeled boots for a night out. Also this would look adorable with light-wash jeans and flats.

white lace jumperI love love love the detail on the back of this white jumper. It also comes in black, for those of you unwilling to sacrifice your love of dark colours for spring.

m&s trousersPlease ignore how badly they’ve styled these trousers on the M&S website – I tried them on in store and they fit beautifully and were very flattering. I would style these with heels and a white button down for a dinner or some kind of fancy event. (I never get invited to fancy events, hence I didn’t buy them when I tried them on.)

I’ll leave it there for today. I hope you’ve seen some pieces that you like and I’ve maybe persuaded you that M&S isn’t an ‘old lady’ shop. I would happily wear any of these pieces and feel completely contemporary. Happy shopping!

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20, studying at UEA in Norwich

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