This post may come across super vain, but I don’t really care! I recently volunteered for a local photography studio because they needed models for a practice shoot to test lighting and shots etc. The studio I worked with was Firefly Photography in Derby, there’s a link to the website at the bottom of this post. I worked with James who owns the company and who is an absolute babe – he made me feel completely at ease. These are some of the shots he created.



P1010016-9_9x13_2-04A-Q01This yellow shot is one of my favourites! I just think the lighting is so romantic and fun.

P1010065-9_9x13_2-11A-Q01This pose was crazy uncomfortable but I feel fierce as fuck whenever I look at the picture so it was totally worth it.

P1010130-9_9x13_2-16A-Q01I was absolutely terrified that my entire vagina would be on show in this shot because the dress is so short, but James kept me decent.




P1010182-9_9x13_2-24A-Q01I love this picture because it shows how ambiguous my eye colour is. My eyes are usually blue-green with gold rings around the pupils, but they fluctuate so much with different lighting. (Also, yes, I’m wearing a pom-pom jumper.)


Obviously I’m not at all a professional model, it was just a bit of fun to help out a local business but I’m really happy with the pictures.  Genuinely, it’s a great experience and quite cathartic because you have to get completely comfortable with your photographer and just trust them to lead you.

If you’re interested in booking a shoot with Firefly then check out their website here.



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