I stumbled upon Miss Patina through an image on Pinterest and fell madly in love. The site has a mixture of vintage styles in modern prints and whimsical pieces which are often cat themed. Below I’ve compiled some of my favourite picks from the website, I hope you like them as much as I do!


Miss Patina-17SS-DRS-47 (13)This lemon kitty dress is freaking adorable. For me, as a cat lover, this is the perfect summer/spring dress. I love the lemon detail as well because it makes me think of Italian summers (which I’ve never experienced) and gin cocktails (which I’ve definitely experienced).


Miss Patina-17SS-SHT-04 (9)I had to stick with the cat theme since it’s one of the best things about this website. This shirt is called the ‘Cattitude’ shirt, we all know I love a good pun. I would probably rough up the styling with this piece so it didn’t look too twee – throw this on with black ripped jeans and you’re good to go.


17SS-TRS-01-1Hahaha, you didn’t think I was finished with the cats did you? These wide leg trousers are so cool! I really badly want to buy a pair and flounce around town in them.


MISS PATINA AW16-SHT-14-9Last one, I promise. This shirt is the most in your face when it comes to the feline theme, and I adore it. I love the unusual detail in the shape of the button flap bit (I have the most exact terminology, I know) paired with the little bean toes on the collar.


Miss Patina-17SS-DRS-26 (5)This dress is called the ‘Jane Austen’ dress because of the pencil print. I’m having one of my short stories published in an anthology next month (shameless plug) and I really want to buy this dress to wear to the anthology launch!


MISS PATINA AW16-DRS-27-1My next pick is this cute starry night dress with peekaboo sleeve detail. My favourite thing is the colour of this dress, the purple mixed with navy and lighter blue. The model looks sort of pissed off to be in it, but I’d love to wear this beauty.


Miss Patina-17SS-DRS-44 (3)Ohhhhh I love this dress to pieces. The little heart-shaped cut out is so interesting and kind of sexy. Also, the colour will probably look nudey/blush on me because I’m so pale and I’m loving that at the minute.


miss patina 16SS-DRS-07-1My final pick is a similar colour to the last dress. I really like the black piping on this dress and of course the whimsical collar with font detail is adorable. Like most of the dresses on the site, this falls to the knee in a pretty retro cut but the whimsy keeps it current.


I hope you enjoyed perusing my picks and that some of you are as delighted by the whimsy as I am! Happy shopping, everyone!


15AW-SHT-06 (8)Bonus cat themed shirt! This is the image which led me to the site and I would of course purchase this incredible shirt in a heartbeat.


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Posted by:MJ

20, studying at UEA in Norwich

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