Since I exclusively have indoor hobbies, I thought I’d embrace it and run with it. I’ve properly gotten into journalling this year. I used to keep a bullet journal for a while but realised the style was way too neat for my lifestyle, even though everyone always raves about how the system can easily be personalised blah blah blah …

In reality, I don’t have that much in my life that needs organising since I’m
a) a student with a pretty sparse schedule
b) a crazy organised person when it comes to life events
c) a compulsive list-maker
I realised that I wanted somewhere I could make beautiful and stick any memories like cinema tickets, polaroids, poetry etc. What I’ve ended up with is somewhere between a diary and an art journal since I really can’t draw for shit but I do love a good collage.

Here are some images that I found for journal inspiration, with a bonus few pictures of my own journal at the end. Enjoy!

 : via @fireflyfiphie on instagram, link to her beautiful account.

via @othersashas – link

 : via @pastelpaperplane, I’m obsessed with her feed

A cute and organised planner spread via miceptic

Using a stencil as a "spark of inspiration" - with ART BY MARLENE:
Colourful pages which would be a perfect backdrop for some poetry/journalling
via The Crafters Workshop

BLOGGED: best of art journal (September entries)  // tumblr aesthetics, white flatlay, creative, art journaling ideas inspiration, noor unnahar poetry //:
Noor Unnahar is one of my favourites, she’s also an amazing poet. You can find her here or here. I’d adopt this layout but with tiny polaroids from each month.

Illustrations, sketchbook experiments, life drawing, and videos from the desk of Graham Smith Illustration:

Graham Smith Illustration Blog: Restaurant Sketchbook:
If I could draw at all this would be my go-to style because I love the way everyday things look when illustrated. via Graham Smith


IMG_5728I like collecting little souvenirs from trips so I can stick them in. e.g. the postcard of Chatsworth from a day trip we took.

IMG_5725I do some old-school writing as well, just to preserve some of my favourite days.

‘You don’t have to give up on your dreams if you just keep sleeping…’

As you can see, my journal is a mess of poetry, awful drawings, cinema tickets, memories, vintage finds and colour. My journal will never look perfect to everyone, but that’s what I love so much about it. I can cover ever inch with my personality.

Massive shout-out to the maker of this beautiful journal, if you want one of your own there might currently be some for sale in Emily’s etsy shop, here.

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20, studying at UEA in Norwich

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