This post may contain major spoilers, read ahead with caution.


I cannot gush about this film enough. I want it to be said right now that I absolutely adored baby Groot and unashamedly ugly cried at how adorable he was. Literally. I was sobbing when he was just on the screen, not doing anything in particular. If this entire post could just be a bunch of pictures of his lil bark face then trust me, that’s what you’d be getting. However, I guess that isn’t really a review so here’s two pictures to keep me going and then we’ll move on.

Image result for guardians of the galaxy 2 groot
Image result for baby groot
YOU ARE TOO CUTE TO KILL. image via: Entertainment Access

Now that my Groot obsession has been established, let’s move on to the actual content of this film. I do have to admit that some of the jokes just didn’t land for me. A lot of the comedy seemed hugely scripted (well, duh, but it was like watching them read the jokes off their scripts) and way too predictable for my liking. Obviously, as with every franchise which attempts a sequel, some jokes which landed in the first film will be shot to hell by overuse and will lose all humour in the second film.

Aside from some jokes which flopped, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 still kept its awesome soundtrack, its wit and its badass slow-motion scenes. My favourite scene out of the entire film was as Yondu is escaping and uses his whistle-controlled arrow, I’m trying to avoid major spoilers here … anyway, there’s a moment where it’s entirely dark and all you can see is the red trail his arrow is leaving as it weaves between each victim. It was a beautiful scene. I’ve always had a soft spot for Yondu and Vol.2 only intensified my love for his character. If I were any good at cosplay, he is totally my character of choice – especially with his badass new fin.

I did think the whole father-son plot was a bit overplayed/cringe but the way they got around it (after all the CHEESE) was pretty damn cool. Even though it is so cliché I’m a huge fan of plot lines that include unusual or non-traditional parental or familial ties. The theme of family is a huge part of Vol.2 with pretty much every character having some revelation about family. It was pretty nice – kinda annoying, kinda heartwarming, y’know?

I would definitely recommend seeing this film but I feel like you’ll have more patience with it if you’ve seen the first. I guess that can be said for most sequels, though.

Let me know if you’ve seen it: loved it, hated it, only went for Groot etc.

Image result for yondu vol 2
Possibly the real stars of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. image via: Marvel


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