Welcome to my monthly favourites! This month I’ve written about lifestyle, fashion, beauty and food favourites from the month of May.


Waterstones Cafe (Norwich)

This month I’ve been spending a lot of time writing in the upstairs independent cafe in Waterstones. It’s a positive for me that the cafe isn’t a Costa, I’d rather my money went directly to supporting the bookstore.
The cafe has a limited amount of plugs near tables so there are two prime spots if you’re working on an unreliable, old laptop like I am. It’s such a welcoming, peaceful atmosphere which is perfect to write in. I write so much more when everyone around me looks productive as well!


Following on from that, since my course ended in May, I’ve finally had time to properly get back to my writing. I challenged myself to write 10,000 words of a short story collection in a month. I’m currently halfway through and loving life. I’ve found having a goal-tracker absolutely paramount to my motivation: the site I use (Pacemaker Planner) is free and you can find it here.

Exercise routine 

As you may have noticed from my last post (here) I’ve recently become a proper ~exerciser~. I don’t think that’s the proper term but you get the gist. I’ve always had a very sporadic relationship with exercise over the years, loved the idea but couldn’t find motivation/an exercise I actually enjoyed. Now I genuinely do understand exercise addiction: I feel so gross and grumpy if I don’t exercise every day. Circuits are my favourite things at the minute, with a focus on ab exercises – I love ab day. I still hate running, I have to force myself to do it twice a week and then I end up going too fast because I want it to be over quicker. I would swap it out for swimming but a) there’s no pool near me and b) running is free and I’m a student so…



Bravissimo sports bra

Inspire Sports Wired Sports Bra in Black/Aqua by BravissimoAs a woman who’s had big boobs since she was 12, it’s ridiculous that I’ve never owned a proper sports bra designed for a bigger bust. Before buying this amazing contraption, I was wearing an everyday bra with two soft sports bras on top. Yes, it was horrendously uncomfortable. I bought this bra two weeks ago and it’s changed my life. My favourite thing aside from the obvious support is that it unclasps like a regular bra so you don’t have to fight to get it over your head after a workout! Life-changing, I swear.


Nike trainers

Image result for asos nike internationalist trainers beigeThese are my first pair of Nike trainers and I’m 100% hooked. It feels like you’re walking around town on clouds. I had a tiny bit of an issue with the high back rubbing against my leg – not blisters but general rubbing. However, once my feet had gotten used to it they are honestly my comfiest shoes. Additionally, I love the colour because they suit the lighter-wash denim I usually wear in summer. Find them here


Pull&Bear jumper

18553764_10207619492480077_1932602926_oI will die in this jumper. It’s so bright, in your face and sarcastic. I love it so much. I bought this from Pull&Bear via ASOS, you can find it in the men’s section here. (Also, I wasn’t joking about how much time I spend in Waterstones, this pic was taken there.)



Simple foaming cleanser 

Image result for simple foaming cleanserMy skin laps this stuff up. I always wash my face with an apricot scrub (this one) in the shower and this month I have been using this foaming cleanser with cold water immediately after getting out. After both steps, my skin feels so soft. My skin is ridiculously sensitive so Simple is my go-to skincare brand – this cleanser certainly doesn’t disappoint.


Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara

Image result for too faced better than sex mascara

Why has it taken me so long to buy this mascara? It’s amazing. Amazing. I could genuinely see a massive difference from one coat. I feel like a beautiful camel when I wear this! Lashes for dayyyyyyys. I’m going to buy this over and over again. You can find it here in the UK. It is a little pricey but trust me, it’s everyone’s fav for a reason.


Gnocchi and tomato bake

Gnocchi & tomato bake

This BBC Good Food dish is my new go-to recipe because it’s so delicious and so easy. The mozzarella on top definitely makes the dish, for me. I usually eat this with a slice of garlic bread and a side salad. It would actually be the perfect winter recipe because it’s so warm and filling, but who cares? It’s delicious in any season!

Stuffed wholemeal pittas

This is without a doubt my favourite lunch of all time (I sometimes eat it as my evening meal as well). This is so simple to put together. All you need is:
– 2/3 wholemeal pitta, toasted and cut in half
– houmous
– falafel (warm/cold)
– feta, cut into cubes/crumbled
– salad leaves, cut finely
– pepper (any colour you like) sliced into strips
– plum tomatoes, sliced in half
– cucumber, cut into strips

That’s it! Once it’s all chopped, just shove everything into the pitta pockets (generous houmous application stops the whole thing being too dry). This may seem like the most obvious thing ever, but if you haven’t tried it please give it a go!

Alpro hazelnut chocolate ice-cream


Product packaging of Alpro Hazelnut Chocolate ice cream

This stuff is the bomb. I’m not vegan, because I adore cheese but I do tend to avoid cow’s milk. I originally cut cow’s milk out as a weight-loss aid and when I tried it again after a few months, I realised how sweet cow’s milk is! I can’t cope with it anymore, unsweetened almond milk is my go-to. Anyway, that dull story was to point out that I’m not vegan but I still adore this ice-cream. It tastes like frozen chocolate mousse, it’s healthier than regular ice-cream and plant-based products are just generally better for the environment. Score.

There you have it! Apologies for the missing book recommendations, I’m having a break from fiction after my intense year of reading. I’ll be back on it next month, I promise.


This post is not sponsored in any way by any of the brands I have mentioned but merely reflects my honest opinions and what I’m loving at the minute.

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