Hi, hi, hi, hi! Apologies for the little break, I’ve been all kinds of busy these past few weeks. I’m officially on my summer break now, so I thought I’d update you all.

Over the past thirty days I’ve managed to write 10,000 words towards a short story collection. If I end up liking what I’ve written then I may use some or all of it for my creative dissertation next year.

I’ve been taking a break from reading just to give my brain a bit of a rest. However, now I’m raring to go again. Expect many more book reviews as I finally get through the stack of new books by my bed. My 20th birthday is also coming up so I’ll probably get even more books to read. Watch this space.

I had a quick catch up with my Midlands friends which was lovely, including heading to Warwick to stay with a friend. I also popped into my old school to show my old English teachers a copy of the anthology I was published in. It was incredibly weird to be back in my old stomping ground. I can confirm that staff rooms, while mysterious when you’re fourteen, are actually super dull – full of coffee, paperwork and tired teachers. It was nice to see how genuinely happy they all were to see students succeed. I think I give my school a hard time because it wasn’t the happiest environment to grow up in. However, there were a handful of incredibly kind, intelligent people who made my experience more bearable.

My sister and her husband had a wedding down South so I accompanied them to babysit my adorable niece (it was a no-kids kind of wedding). We had a lot of fun, people are much more helpful and accommodating when they think you’re a young single mother out and about haha. But also it was a little insight into my sister’s world as it was a struggle and a half; I am one hundred percent not ready to have my own children. Imagine having a lil bean dependent on you for life…. nahhhh no thank you

Also I headed up North last week to stay with my boyfriend and celebrate his 21st birthday. It was lovely to see my Scottish family again. I also got to drive again! David’s parents insured me on his dad’s car so we could explore and have a bit more freedom whilst I was up. It was so much better having that freedom: we went out for lunch, drove into Dundee to shop, took Bonnie (his doggo) for long walks, discovered beautiful beaches and just generally had more options for fun days out. My birthday present for him was a trip down to London to stay in a fabulous hotel and then go to the Warner Bros studio tour! I’m currently writing this post from the hotel, up early excited to explore Hogwarts!! I’ll update you after I’ve actually been on the tour – hopefully with pictures.

That’s a quick overview, you can probably tell that it’s been a really busy few weeks. I’m kind of excited to head home and just get my life back in order. I need to find a job and do some general life administration so I’m back on top of things. Before you know it I’ll be celebrating my birthday and then off to Thailand!

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20, studying at UEA in Norwich

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