I’m turning 20 on the 11th of July so I’ve put together a little list of things that I want. Below are five realistic asks and five ridiculous things that I’d ask for if all my family and friends were millionaires.


emaze HP
image via emaze

All the Harry Potter books. If you’ve read my last post you’ll know I’m a huge nerd for the HP universe. Weirdly, I don’t own a set of the books since we had a family set. Those are pretty battered now, with covers and pages missing all over the place – so I’d love a fresh set all of my own.



yoga mat
image via reviews.com

A good quality yoga mat. Since I’m a recent exercise convert, I do own a yoga mat. However, it’s a £6.99 mat from T K Maxx which happens to shed little mat pieces onto my skin when I sweat. I’m not a huge fan of the blue-speckled look, nor the pain in my spine when I’m doing crunches, so a good quality mat is on my list.


Image result for silver and blue pandora charmimage via thejewellhut.co.uk

Pandora charms. I was gifted a Pandora bracelet for my 18th birthday, but only have three charms so far! I have a blue and silver theme, hence the charm above is a good option. However, I love charms that have meaning behind them so any would be greatly appreciated.




Image result for h&m lemon poplin dress
image via hm.com

This lemon dress from H&M. It’s so pretty and flirty. It just costs slightly too much (£49.99) for me to justify buying it for myself, hence its appearance on my list.





Image result for impossible 600 polaroid film
image via ephotozine.com

Impossible 600 film for my Polaroid camera. I’m so precious when it comes to using my Polaroid because I know how expensive the film is. If I had a little stash, I feel like I’d utilise the camera more and not just reserve it for super special occasions.


Now for the fun bit, on to my ridiculous wish list.


Image result for Mint ted baker cases
image via Ted Baker

This set of beautiful Ted Baker suitcases. This particular colour is out of stock currently, but for reference: the large pale pink version is £295, the medium is £265, and the small is £225!





Image result for black strathberry midi toteimage via chekkacuamova.com

I have been lusting after this Strathberry Midi Tote since before I turned eighteen. This bag is £455. Just let that sink in. It’s nearly £500. That’s like a month and half’s worth of rent. Or maybe 12 weekly food shops?? It’s way too much to spend on a bag when I don’t even carry a handbag! But it’s pretty. Really pretty.





Image result for tiffany arrow necklace
image via Tiffany

This Tiffany necklace is totally my style: simple, silver, and an arrow. (I have an arrow tattoo on my forearm so it’s a whole thing).  This necklace comes in at £165 which you may be thinking is so reasonable and barely ridiculous right? Wrong. There’s also this version:Image result for tiffany arrow necklace
Which in my mind looks crazy similar, but this one costs £2,325. TWO THOUSAND POUNDS FOR A NECKLACE. I am so my father’s daughter, I could never justify spending so much on one piece of jewellery. I would quite like the cheaper version, but even that is pretty steep for something shiny.




Image result for britrail passimage via rail.cc

Britrail GB Pass – this is basically an ‘unlimited’ rail travel pass aimed at tourists; it’s the closest I can find to an unlimited pass for all rail journeys. A Flexi GB pass – meaning you can travel on non-consecutive up to 15 days in 2 months costs £286 for a ‘youth’ (16-25). So basically it could mean I could travel all over the UK, including Scotland (conveniently see my lovely boyfriend), and Wales. I’d love the opportunity to explore more of the UK since there are so many hidden gems in this country.



asosimage via asos.com

An excessive ASOS voucher. So apparently the maximum amount for a gift voucher is £250, spoilsports. I’ll take four please. Or a voucher without limits… Basically I spend hours window shopping on the ASOS website and it would be nice to actually bring some of my ‘saved items’ home and force them into my over-crowded wardrobe.


This post is purely for your entertainment, loves, I’m just happy to have a wonderful group of people around me to celebrate my entrance into my twenties.

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Posted by:MJ

20, studying at UEA in Norwich

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