I am officially a gym-goer! Blog post coming soon about my experience with Pure Gym. I’m actually feeling really motivated but hey, is anything more motivating than new activewear? Have a look at some of my favourites from ASOS.

All photos via ASOS

Image result for nike training breathe loose top ASOS

My first choice is this Nike training top with blush and grey accents. I think it’s so pretty and looks much more comfortable than some of my tight-fitting workout tops. £35



Image result for adidas training tank in black ASOS
I’m also a massive fan of this Adidas tank because the logo is relatively subtle. The dark colours also really appeal to my usual style aesthetic. £23



Image result for Reebok Training Hayasu Pink ASOS

I love these very pretty trainers because of the colour, but mainly because look! They pull on! It would make changing so much simpler. No more faffing about with laces. £70




Image result for Nike Club Leggings With Swoosh Logo ASOS

Even though these leggings are simple, they’re in my wishlist because they seem like a staple to me. I’ve tried on Nike leggings in the past and have never been disappointed by the quality. £20




Image result for Nike Running Free Run Flyknit 2 Trainers ASOS

I bloody love these Nike trainers. If I had buckets of money I would buy this style of trainer in every colour and pattern, to match every outfit. £110




Image result for Stella Sport Tee In White ASOS

I love the Adidas and Stella McCartney activewear collaboration. This white tee in particular is so chic and cool – but also loose enough to be genuinely great to exercise in. £33




Image result for Free People Liza Floral Leggings ASOS

These leggings from Free People are so unbelievably pretty. It would be a privilege to sweat in these beautiful leg-coverings. But the price? Ouch. £88




Image result for adidas Originals Adicolour Oversized T-Shirt With Trefoil Logo ASOS

This oversized Adidas tee is also such a simple piece, but I would wear the hell out of it. I wouldn’t necessarily confine it to my activewear wardrobe, either, since it would make such a cute outfit with a pair of cropped jeans. £22




Image result for Nike Training Flex Trainers In Grey ASOS

More pretty trainers! This pair are not only beautiful, but look crazy comfortable. If I were to purchase these, I would have to tone down my workout clothing, I think. I tend to go for a lot of bright colours since my regular wardrobe is more muted with a tendency towards black. Maybe since I’m now an adult, my activewear will mature with me… Maybe. £60





Image result for Oysho Fitness Tropical Abstract Leggings asos

Mmkay, forget everything I said before – I am obsessed with these Oysho leggings. They’re so colourful and fantastic. If I could get away with a low-impact sports bra then I would totally rock this matching set. £35.99




Image result for Twerk Out No Sweat Oversized T-Shirt In Black asos

I would buy this shirt just for the irony. I am such a sweaty person when I work out. There are some people who can come out of an intense workout with a nice little glisten and barely a blush – HA! I’m drenched, panting all over the place with sweat dripping onto the floor basically. Delicious. Point is, this shirt is cool and funny. £14





Image result for Twerk Out All The Gear Muscle Tank In Baby Blue asos

Along the same vein, and from the same brand, is this shirt. ‘All the gear and no idea’ – aka story of my life at the gym. I’ve done all the inductions and still can’t remember how to use half the machines. £12


I hope you enjoyed my activewear round-up and perhaps it has motivated you to get moving – even if you’re just moving towards the ASOS website. Happy shopping, and happy sweating.


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20, studying at UEA in Norwich

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