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I am starting a new series of blog posts related to goals I have set myself for my twenties. Expect to see things like education goals, financial goals etc. in the upcoming months. However, today’s focus is travel. Below is a list of places I would love to visit before I turn thirty. If I’m still running this blog in ten years’ time, I may even come back and check off the places I managed to see.

Image result for interrailingimage via gapyear.com

1. One of my main goals is to go interrailing in Europe next year after graduation – hopefully take my boyfriend with me and stay in AirBnb’s across Europe. We especially want to see Germany and Italy, though we may do a separate rail trip in Italy. Since I didn’t take a gap year after sixth form, I missed out on a lot of the European travelling that my friends did – this trip will hopefully remedy this.



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2. Italy – do a mini interrail trip to see different cities (especially Venice, Rome and Pompeii). I think Italy is stunning, and since it is known for fabulous food – it is understandably quite high up on my travel list. I’ve never seen a picture of Italy that hasn’t made me fawn over the colours and scenery, I can’t wait to experience it all for myself.



Image result for british columbiaimage via hellobc.com

3. Canada – visit Emily in BC. I really want to visit Canada in general, but specifically I am hoping to go to British Columbia after I graduate next year, and catch up with my favourite Canadian.



Image result for thailandimage via Intrepid Travel

4. Thailand – this one will be ticked off very soon! Just over a month now, I can’t wait! I already have big plans for the trip, so stay tuned for pictures and anecdotes when I’m back.



Image result for new zealandimage via Lonely Planet

5. New Zealand – my sister and her husband visited NZ when they went travelling before their wedding. Ever since, she has been obsessed and would move there in a heartbeat. I trust her opinion entirely, so I want to see it for myself!



Image result for egyptimage via touregypt.net

6. Egypt – I don’t think I have a non-cliche reason for wanting to visit Egypt. I pretty much want to do the regular touristy things like see the Pyramids and take a river cruise up the Nile. One of my best friends is partially Egyptian and knows her way around much better than I do, so maybe I can enlist her services to make it a more interesting trip.




Image result for marrakechimage via Much Morocco

7. Go back to Morocco – we once took a day trip from Southern Spain to visit Marrakech and I absolutely loved it. I would like to go back and explore the city now that I am older, and also Morocco as a whole. I remember loving the mint tea and the stray cats.



Image result for america road tripimage via Conde Nast Traveler

8. Road trip around North America. This one will have to wait until I’m over 25 so I can hire a car and drive us around. (Just presuming David will come with me on all these excursions, I haven’t asked him yet.) I can’t get much more specific yet because obviously we won’t be planning the trip for another four years at least, but picture ‘Paul’ combined with ‘The Fundamentals of Caring’.



Image result for norway northern lightsimage via The Aurora Zone

9. See the Northern lights and polar bears in Norway. I’m such a warm person I’d much rather go somewhere beautiful and sort of chilly, rather than swelter on a beach – hence, Norway! (That being said I did love Barbados, and have included a lot of sunny places on this list…) I would love to see the Fjords in Norway and go on some of the cliff hikes.



Image result for Irelandimage via Ireland.com

10. Explore Britain fully: Ireland and Scotland in particular. I know the East of Scotland very well, but I’ve never visited the Highlands or the West really. Shockingly, I’ve never been to Ireland at all! I’d love to visit. Again, hopefully this one will be ticked off relatively soon, since there really isn’t much of an excuse for not exploring your own country.



Image result for Indiaimage via BBC Travel

11. India – safari, Taj Mahal, The Red Fort, Delhi, eat bhelpuri on the beach! (My Gran has spent a lot of time in India and is always encouraging me to go.) I would also love to stay in India for a longer period of time and volunteer in a wildlife sanctuary. I’m not sure what has put this idea into my head, I just have an image of me hand-rearing some tiger cubs and riding off into the sunset with my stripey family.



Image result for mexico festivalimage via Pinterest

12. Mexico – Day of the Dead festival, Pluma Hidaglo (hear their legends). Again, I don’t know much about Mexico, but I do know about various festivals held around the year. Dia de Muertos has always fascinated me because I love things that are slightly creepy, but still fantastically fun. I also have a small skull obsession, so it’s the perfect festival for me, really. There are of course many spiritual beliefs behind the celebrations, so I would love to learn more about that and why/how families celebrate their lost ones.




Image result for Bora Boraimage via Four Seasons

14. Bora-Bora – This one is kinda boring because all I want to do is stay in a hut on the ocean and have a relaxation holiday. Maybe as a honeymoon destination? I think this trip would be less about exploration of the area and more about spending time with whoever I was there with.



Image result for great wall of chinaimage via Fact Retriever 

15. China – I want to see the Great Wall and possibly cycle along part of it. I’d also love to see the terracotta Warriors, and visit a tea-house in Lianhu Park. I’ve done quite a bit of research into Chinese culture since I used to work with a lot of people originally from China – I would love the opportunity to properly immerse myself in the culture.


Those were my top 15 travel goals for my twenties. Feel free to leave me any recommendations for other places, or your own personal goals. Happy travelling!


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