Hello, wonderful readers! I’ve been away from the blog for about two weeks so I thought I’d give you a little update.

I headed to Scotland on the 1st of August to hang out with my lovely boyfriend. My Aunt kindly loaned us her flat in Glasgow so we could have a mini break without breaking the bank. Sweet Jesus, her flat is stunning. I fall more madly in love with it every time I visit. Glasgow flats are on another level. You know how most flats in England, you walk in the front door and then everything is sort of just… there? Well from what I can tell, Glaswegians know the importance of hallways. The whole flat is comprised of crazy high ceilings and wooden floors and bay windows – ugh. I’m obsessed.

Below is part of the view out of the ‘reading nook’ which has amazing bay windows and a rocking chair to cosy up in! (Please excuse my odd socks, I stole them from David’s case because I only had trainer socks with me.)


Anyway, we weren’t just there to admire the flat. On Wednesday I went to Glasgow university to have an informal meeting with one of the conveners of the MLitt Creative Writing course at Glasgow uni. I knew I was eager to apply for the Masters course (starting next year) and the meeting with Dr Strachan only increased that enthusiasm. She gave me loads of really valuable information and put me totally at ease in terms of how welcoming the course would be. The only downside is that it’s a highly competitive course so I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. (Hahaha they’re already sky-high I’m gonna be devastated if I’m rejected….)

Sadly, David had to work a lot while I was up – so to make up for all the time he was spending in Edinburgh he took me for lunch at this cool vegetarian restaurant in the centre of Glasgow called Stereo, (it’s also a music venue). It was utter bliss being able to eat everything on the menu. Also, in case I wasn’t being spoiled enough, David made a meal in the evening and we just had a really nice, relaxing night.

Since David would leave at about 7:30am and not be back until almost midnight, I had a load of time to fall madly in love with the city. I went to the West End of Glasgow on Friday which has a tonne of independent traders, cafes, bars, bookshops – paradise for a window-shopper like myself! After being very good and not purchasing anything, I went and explored the Glasgow Botanic gardens.

Look how stunning it is there!




My favourite room was either the tropical plant room or the orchid room. Both were deliciously warm which was lovely on a vaguely drizzly day in Scotland. The orchids were so unbelievably stunning! I don’t have any pictures because a load of tourists were huddled around obstructing my view. Just trust me, the orchids were fab.



On another day on me tod, I headed to see the Glasgow Necropolis. It was pretty quiet because it was raining, but I really appreciated that. I love the rain, and the gloomy quiet just added to the beauty of the place. If you don’t know, the Necropolis is this hilltop graveyard next to Glasgow Cathedral, home to tombs, statues and graves. It was so stunning, I’m really glad I went. Below are some of the pictures I took.




I absolutely adored being in such a hauntingly beautiful place, surrounded by old names carved into stone, but being able to see the modern city at every angle too. It was kind of surreal; I loved it.


The day before I had to head back down South, myself and David went out to brunch at the Wilson Street Pantry. I was famished by the time we arrived! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, so I usually get up at about 7 to eat and then get back in bed. But since I knew we were going out, I controlled myself. However, this meant I was super hangry when we got to the place at about 11.30 (sorry David). Lemme tell you, it was so worth the wait.

IMG_0945I mean, just look at that perfection!

If you’re ever in Glasgow, I would highly recommend popping in – even if it’s just to take away one of their homemade cakes.

That’s your lot! This has been kind of a ramble, but I hope you’ve found it interesting to peruse.


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Bonus pictures of Glasgow finds:

IMG_0938Amazing street art I saw on the way back from the Necropolis.

IMG_0897Super cosy knitted bench in the same park as the Glasgow botanic glasshouses.

“Beautiful city of Glasgow, with your streets so neat and clean, 
Your stately mansions, and beautiful Green! 
Likewise your beautiful bridges across the river Clyde, 
And on your bonnie banks I would like to reside.”
~ William McGonagall




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