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I was recently asked which non-profit organisations I’m passionate about. For a few minutes I sat in guilty silence trying to remember the last time I donated to charity. I sat back and felt better about myself when I remembered I was a poor student with very little income. Exploring the Eventbrite website, this feeling of relief rapidly faded away when I realised there are so many creative ideas out there, so many opportunities to get involved.

Please enjoy this graphic list thingy I’ve made with 5 ways to give back when you feel like you don’t have a lot to give. Please really, really enjoy it because it took bloody ages.

charity infograph.png

Sadly, there is evidence to show that people are more willing to donate when they feel they are getting something in return. This sounds quite disheartening but really, given the choice between blindly donating £10 and spending £10 to attend a fun event, which are you more likely to pick? That’s why a lot of my suggestions revolve around getting involved with the local community and sort of taking advantage of the social connections you already have. You’re gonna hang out with your family anyway, why not charge them and help a stranger in need while you’re having fun. Cheeky? Nah, it’s for charity.

Don’t forget to check Eventbrite for some local events to attend (they don’t have to be non-profit). Here are some near me in the Midlands that look fab. Host Derby which organises temporary housing for vulnerable individuals and refugees. Hug a Hedgehog – this one may technically be aimed at children but I don’t care. I want to meet a lil prickle and help make hedgehog houses! Also this Wildlife First Aid course sounds really interesting.

Hopefully I’ve shown that there are loads of ways to give back even if you’re strapped for cash. Eventbrite is genuinely a great place to start giving to your local community and also a great option for organising your own fundraisers. Here is their main non-profit fundraising page if you’re interested!



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The inspiration for this post came from learning about Eventbrite’s non-profit events. All opinions are my own and this is not a paid advertisement. I would not promote a brand I did not genuinely believe in.


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20, studying at UEA in Norwich

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