Hello, hello! Ready for part two? If you haven’t read the first bit of my Thai adventure, you can check it out here.

On our second proper day in Thailand, I woke up early and was treated to a fantastic breakfast at our hotel in Phuket. If you ever find yourself breakfasting in Thailand, make sure to try the pineapple pastries that they are famous for (not sure if that’s an official thing, but they’re everywhere) – they’re delicious! I ate outside in the sun with the host’s cat sat on the chair next to me since there was no sign of dad.

Once Pops had awoken, we set off for the next accommodation. We stayed somewhere called The Silver Cliff Resort which was without a doubt my favourite accommodation purely for aesthetic reasons. It was nestled in Khao Sok national park and each ‘bedroom’ was an individual cabin on stilts nestled right next to the cliffs and the stream. There were bats swooping underneath the raised rooms and monkeys roaming the forest. Just wow. If you ever want a beautiful place to stay surrounded by nature, here is the link – I would highly, highly recommend this place! The host was a lovely woman from Stirling which I found hilarious because I know Stirling so well (my partner is at Stirling uni) and here we were sat in the middle of a forest on the opposite side of the world. Such a small world, eh? Check out the link for photos of the accommodation, I was too busy admiring it to take any high quality pics!

IMG_1211Sadly, this is the only photo I managed to snap in Khao Sok! This was quite close to the resort, we drove up completely surrounded by greenery which was utterly fantastic.

Once we had dumped our bags, we set off to the official national park to explore. We did a short walk to the ‘waterfall’ and got caught in torrential rain. Proper rain-forest, heavy, thick rain. It was so heavy that we definitely risked our lives by climbing down to see the waterfall. I abandoned my flipflops and climbed down barefoot. We reached the bottom and found a river. A river. There was no waterfall. It was a babbling brook at best. But it was quite an experience. After clambering back up, we were soaked and covered in mud. My white shirt was officially see-through and I was blinded by the rain. It may not sound it, but it was really fun!

We sat and drank more watermelon drinks at a place by the park entrance and the owner kindly let me use her hose to rinse off my mud-plastered legs. All considered, I was definitely ready for a shower and a nap when we got back to the hotel.

We met for dinner at the resort which had a selection of authentic Thai dishes, I was more than happy with my battered vegetables which were delicious! If you’re a strict vegetarian and concerned about travelling in Thailand, don’t worry – I speak no Thai at all and I managed just fine. They eat a tonne of rice and veg anyway so you should be fine. Severe coeliacs, however, (yep you, Em) will massively struggle to find an uncontaminated dish so you may need to be a little more resourceful.

On the morning of day three we waved goodbye to the lovely resort with all its wildlife (kittens and doggos included) and headed for the ferry port. We boarded the ferry to Ko Samui and I forced myself to nap listening to one of my favourite podcasts because I’m prone to a bit of ferry-sickness. (I am aware that’s not a term but it’s a thing so let it go…) I needn’t have worried, though, because the ferry was only about an hour and soon we were disembarking on the gorgeous Ko Samui. This was possibly my favourite place from the entire tour.

The island is the second biggest of Thailand’s islands and is absolutely stunning. You can drive around the entire thing in about an hour and a half. There are stretches of pure white sand which I reckon are imported because underneath, on the sea bed is this rich and gloriously dark volcanic sand which I had never seen up close before!

It was on Ko Samui that I had one of the best experiences of my life. We went to Crystal Beach (also known as Silver Beach) early in the morning and stayed for a few hours. There was about a kilometre of knee-deep, warm water stretching out with the most amazingly clear water! I sat down in this gorgeous water and could clearly see the fish going about their business: swimming between my legs and toes, just living. It was like snorkelling, but way less terrifying (I have a phobia of the ocean). There were people with snorkels a bit further out and I was like ?! what’s the point ?! you can see perfectly already.


IMG_1213Crystal Beach – you can tell how far out the shallow water goes just looking at some of the other people standing up way in the distance.

After a few beaches, we went exploring and found Bo Phut, an old fishing village. We had drinks right by the beach and I took the picture below which I think looks just like the traditional idea of paradise. Gorgeous.

IMG_1230No filters, no enhancements – this is just genuinely how stunning the island is.

Also in Bo Phut I spotted these ridiculous elephant/superhero statues. My favourite was definitely this one:


It’s WOLVERINE. ELEPHANT WOLVERINE. I have never laughed so hard at a freaking statue. Look at the claws. Too funny.

In the evening, we headed to a restaurant I had spotted called Vitamin-Sea (I love a good pun, if you didn’t know already). It was a really nice seafood restaurant right on the beach. The owner had a pack of dogs who were all roaming around and playing in the sand which was so entertaining. For saying it was a seafood place, their vegetarian lasagne was to die for and I would go back just to taste that again!

I guess, that was that! We got a fairly early night because we had to catch the ferry the next morning and had a very long drive to Hua Hin once we landed on the mainland again.


I hope you’re still enjoying hearing about the trip! I’m writing in a load of detail so I can direct my family to these posts and not have to repeat myself/bore them with all my ravings about the country. Let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to hear!

Until next time, loves.


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