It’s been a while since I did a little collection of things I wanna buy. My student loan came in so I went perusing the shops; little did I know that Paperchase had a brand new collection in store which seems to be made for me. Black, gold, floral, snakes – it was meant to be!

Below are some of my favs from the Bloom Noir collection. (Currently ft. a 20% discount for students!)


Bloom Noir laptop bagMy first choice is this dark floral laptop bag. I’m an absolute sucker for dark floral. This laptop case is so pretty but still sassy. Find it here for £32.


Bloom Noir Medusa candleI was so, so close to picking up this candle. Medusa is basically my hero: turning men to stone with one stare, curly snake hair. She’s badass. I actually had her in my basket whilst wandering around the store before I spotted the price tag. I couldn’t justify spending so much on something which has the possibility to melt into nothingness. Find it here for £30.


Bloom Noir leather scented candle This candle, however, I did pick up! It’s an homage to my Slytherin heritage and it smells like leather. Delicious. Find it here for £12.50.


Bloom Noir backpackThis backpack speaks for itself. Plus, the material looks so durable and easy to keep clean. Now I’m an adult I have no choice but to appreciate things like that… Find it here for £32.


Bloom Noir lined A6 twisted leather notebookThis notebook is so cool! There’s a cut out effect on the front, with silver backing. More Slytherin goodness, I’m 100% gonna pick this up in the next few weeks because I have very little self-control. Find it here for £12.


Bloom Noir dreams journalDitto this sassy dream journal. I can never remember my dreams, but the golden snakes on the front could sway me to buy it no matter what was inside. Find it here for £12.


Bloom Noir boxed writing setThis writing set is unbelievably cute. It comes with dark purple envelopes, floral and damask printed sheets of paper to write on. I’m an advocate of hand-writing to your friends/family so why not have some fresh new instruments to write with? Find it here for £12.



Bloom Noir house terrarium I’m now kind of a crazy plant lady, even though I don’t have the best track record with keeping them alive… This house-shaped terrarium is the perfect home for some little succulents or cacti. Find it here for £12.



Bloom Noir slim snake penWhat’s not to love about this lil snakey fella? Find it here for £8.


Bloom Noir snake keyringI was also incredibly close to picking up this keyring because it’s so adorable. I couldn’t quite justify it at the time, but with the 20% discount I may cave… Find it here for £8.



Bloom Noir snakes medium gift bagFinally, this snakey gift bag is perfect for all your present needs. Find it here for £3.50 or smaller here for £2.50.


I hope some of you are just as in love with this new range as I am! Happy shopping!

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Posted by:MJ

20, studying at UEA in Norwich

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