It’s November and I’m getting so ready for Christmas. I come from a pretty ‘extra’ family which means we know how to celebrate. I always get super excited this time of year and start window shopping for gifts. Honestly, I always go way over budget and wish I could spend even more on my loved ones.

In the interest of my spending habit, I’ve put together a gift guide for those of you with a little more change in your pocket, and those of you who have loved ones with expensive taste. Have a peruse and maybe you’ll find something you love as well as something you’d love to give.

For the ‘big kid’:


Children: Action Figures & Accessories Lego Ghostbusters™ Firehouse Headquarters
via Harrods

Now how about this amazing Ghostbusters HQ for your big kid? I think this type of Lego is kinda cheating, but if I see it as a puzzle rather than regular Lego, I guess it’s acceptable. Plus, c’mon, it’s really awesome. Find it here for £279.


via Pavilion Broadway

This clock is so super cool. I think this would be a great gift for someone who either loves diving, or who just loves a bit of whimsy in their home. Find it here for £115.


Accessories: Bags & Wallets Thom Browne Penguin Bag
via Harrods

This bag made me giggle when I stumbled across it. Just look at it! Incredible! It’s Christmassy, whimsical and pretty stylish to be honest. Find it here for £2,140. Yep, you read that correctly – £2,140.


Children: Games & Puzzles Harry Potter Quidditch Chess Set
via Harrods

Finally for the big kids, here’s an exquisite ‘Quidditch chess set’. Unfortunately it isn’t like Wizard’s Chess, but it is pretty snazzy all the same. Get it here for £299.



For the alcohol lover:

Image result for not on the high street decanters with tags
via Not On The High Street

How about this fancy set of decanters with ID tags? Every alcohol loving adult wants to feel like a fancy villain/mobster boss pouring whiskey out of a decanter whilst pacing her mahogany office. Bonus points for being able to personalise the tags! Find them here for £45+.


Image result for leather versace coasters black

If the fancy decanters were too tame for you, try these ridiculously expensive Versace coasters. A box of 6 will set you back a reasonable £765. (That’s clearly a joke, that’s like three months of rent on some fucking round discs – but hey if you’ve got it, flaunt it.) They also come in white, if you were wondering. Find them here if you’ve got money to burn.

Image result for ted baker brogue flask
via John Lewis

This Ted Baker flask is pretty subtle and yet carries a hefty price tag for the size. This little fella will set you back £40. Underneath the fancy Ted Baker sleeve, the flask seems to be a fairly standard stainless steel model, so I’m not convinced by the price tag. Nonetheless, find it here if you’re interested.



Image result for joanna buchanan lobster bottle opener
via John Lewis

My final luxury pick for the alcohol fiends is this Joanna Buchanan lobster bottle opener. I honestly think this is ridiculous, but also cute and sparkly so I had to include it. Again, this lobster friend will cost you £40 and will probably have your loved ones asking why you never stick to their lists. Find him here if you have money and know someone with a penchant for the whimsical.


via Household

This little cutie is a cocktail shaker! How cool is that? Kind of weird when thinking of alcohol as a guiding light in the storm, but hey. Get it here for £153.74 if you’re as intrigued as I am.



For the fitness fanatic:


Image result for Champ Bag Dandy Melange
via Monreal London

How about this sweet gym bag for your gym bunny? Is gym bunny a term? Anyway, this is a nice bag from a very reputable sportswear brand – Kate Middleton is an advocate of their activewear, in fact. This spacious and sassy bag will cost you £280. Check it out here.


Image result for Challenge Top Black Mesh
via Monreal London

Oh hey, you liked the brand but felt like you were getting too much for your money? No problem pal, I got you. How about this top (which is mostly air) for a nice £100 price tag. Much better. If you know someone who likes their sportswear airy and expensive, here’s the link.


via My Theresa

Ahh, your loved one is more of a winter sports person? No problem. Oh they also love Frenchie for GreaseNo problem. Here we have this fancy shmancy furry hat from My Theresa. This hat costs £940. Here is the link if you would like to spend nearly a grand on a fur head-topper.


Women: Sportswear Lucas Hugh Erte Compression Leggings
via Harrods

These Lucas Hugh leggings are snazzy as hell. Imagine rocking up to the gym knowing that you may as well have £20 notes stapled to your legs. If that won’t make you sweat your butt off on the treadmill then I don’t know what will. Find them here for £250.



via Matches Fashion

Okay, so maybe these are in the wrong category since I can’t imagine anyone actually working out in these Gucci trainers. However, they are technically a fitness item and they’re fancy so I’m plonking them in. Find them here for £450

I don’t want to make this post too long so I’ll end it here for now. I’ve really enjoyed compiling this list so let me know if you’d like to see more of these. If you can’t even look at some of these price tags, don’t worry – I have a budget version coming soon. Also, you can use the items as a jumping off point and find cheaper versions.

Happy shopping!

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