It’s been a right old while since I’ve updated you all! Many, many apologies.

November was a ridiculously stressful month for me. Alongside my Masters application I was writing a final essay, a children’s book, my creative dissertation and still trying to remember to eat and sleep. I also had a few tragedies in my circle of family and friends, so I was a little on edge.

December the 7th rolled around and I felt every muscle in my body relax. Myself and my OG best pal headed off to Frankfurt for a few festive days, meaning I had to have completed all my work by then (I had!). We had a great few days drinking mulled wine and walking around the Christmas markets in the snow. Bliss.

Here are some pics from our trip:

Little tea and cake stop while exploring Frankfurt
Heidelberg Castle looking spectacular (it had just started to snow but you can’t tell)
Enjoying the mulled wine
Enjoying the pretzels
This was the view from Heidelberg Castle – in the distance you can see the lights of the Christmas market winding through the city.

As you can tell from the pictures, we mostly ate and drank our way through the Christmas markets – the mulled wine buzz is one of my favourites in the world.

Then I was back in Norwich for less than 48 hours to have a dissertation meeting and pack my things for Christmas. I hopped on a train with three huge bags and went up to Scotland to see my boyfriend for a little bit before the Christmas madness. I wasn’t sure if I was crazy for doing another two long journeys, but it was totally worth it – I’m so glad I saw him.

While I was with David in Scotland, I received a notification saying I’d been accepted onto my Masters course starting next September! Additionally, where I had expected a list of conditions there was instead a line saying all they needed was proof of the completion of my first degree. I just have to pass! Needless to say, I was (and still am) ecstatic. This time next year I’ll be living just a 20 minute train journey away from my partner and I’ll be studying for my second degree and all in a city I absolutely adore! Pretty exciting.

Since returning from Scotland, I’ve been back at my job full-time instead of part-time. It’s been so nice to be back in the workshop with everyone. It’s weirdly lonely being miles away from the main hub of a business; even though I know it’s just work, I always think the team is having a load of fun together that I’m missing out on! Anyway, I’ve been working my little socks off and squishing social gatherings in during the evening hours so that I’ll be all caught up by Christmas. Friday evening will be my first night off in a while since I’m no longer needed for babysitting duties!

I better get wrapping!

I hope your festive season has been full of cheer and over-eating.


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20, studying at UEA in Norwich

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