For week two of my 2018 book challenge I chose to read another of my Christmas gifts. My middle sister bought me Rupi Kaur’s newest book of poetry: ‘The Sun and her Flowers’.

First of all, I think the title is beautiful. I am biased because sunflowers are my favourite flowers, but I knew I was going to love the poetry as soon as I read the title. Also, I know Rupi Kaur (not personally, sadly) and I know that she is the Kate Nash of the poetry world. She writes what everyone thinks. She writes in a way that is lyrical and modern at the same time. She’s a freaking genius.

So the book of poetry sort of follows the structure of a break-up. The first few pages/poems are about how difficult it is to remodel yourself after a huge piece of you has walked away.

Here are some of my favourite lines:





I don’t have much of a synopsis this week because the poetry pretty much speaks for itself. If you’re a Rupi Kaur newbie, I would highly recommend giving The Sun and Her Flowers a read. I don’t think I’m unique in my response to her writing, universally she appeals to everyone who has something a little bit broken inside.

That sounds pretentious, but she really is a literary genius with a lifetime of experience crammed in the pages between the intoxicating illustrations.

I’m obsessed. You’ll be obsessed.

Let me know if you give it a go & check back in next week for another book and another bit of my rambling.

MJ x

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