I’m quite a goal-orientated person by nature. I love to be constantly working towards a goal. One of my biggest issues is continuing with something once I have reached my goal.

For example, last year I completed the Couch to 5K programme provided by the NHS. I wanted to be able to run 5K, or half an hour – and I achieved it! But after months of training and work, once I had met the goal I never ran again.

So, this year I am aiming to set continual goals which can evolve as I meet new targets.


Exercise 4+ times a week

I’m hoping to implement a proper exercise regime when I get back to university. I’m such a sporadic exerciser, it’s ridiculous. One week I’ll workout every day, sometimes even twice a day, and then I’ll do nothing for three weeks.

I’ve come up with some really fun ideas for exercise regimes so hopefully I can stick to it. If I integrate a variety, hopefully I won’t get bored.

  • ultimate burpee workout
  • boxing workout
  • a class/dance workout
  • strength workout
  • abs, legs, bum
  • yoga/stretching integrated workout
  • HIIT
  • swimming

Healthy eating

I want to cook for fun much more than I do right now. For Christmas my middle sister got me a seasonal vegetarian cookbook, and it’s huge! I’m planning to try a new meal every week. When I’m living on my own later in the year I’ll have loads of time to experiment and perfect my favourite recipes.

Plus, if I force myself to cook properly when my flatmates are around to hold me accountable, hopefully I’ll build up good habits for when I’m flying solo. Hopefully, I won’t just be lazy and have cereal for my evening meal…

drink more water.png

This goal is for real, I need to properly work on upping my fluid intake. Sometimes it will get to 4pm and I’ll realise all I’ve had to drink that day is my morning cuppa. Hopefully I can slowly build up to being near the 2 litre a day marker.



I’m currently aiming to read a book every single week this year. For now, the aim is to read a book for fun, not my course – but this could change when my workload gets more hectic. So far I’m on week three and book three; I’m adding little extracts to my Instagram story each week and my favourite quote/poem from each book will stay on the new ‘highlights’ feature.

So far, I’m loving this goal because it’s forcing me to have screen-free time. I sit back, usually in the evening after dinner, light a candle and just read until my eyes are tired. It reminds me how fast I can read, which has been really great.

READ MORE (1).png

This is my main goal for 2018. I start my Masters course in September, so I’ll be finding a nice wee flat in Glasgow and finally living on my own. I want to live on my own. So many people have tried to talk me out of this: either for financial reasons, or for my own mental health, or just because they think I won’t be able to do it very easily. I love everyone I’ve spoken to, and I value their opinions – but ultimately, I don’t want to go my entire life without living independently.

I don’t want to move from my family home, to a shared university house, to another shared house and then in with my partner. For me, it seems important to have that step in-between where I see what actually happens when I’m living entirely alone. I really, really want that – even if it’s only for 10 months or whatever.

I think this is my biggest and scariest goal for 2018, but I’m fiercely determined to achieve it.


learn constantly.png

Finally, for now, my goal is to learn constantly this year. I realised int eh middle of 2017 that I was constantly craving new information. I felt sluggish when I didn’t have a book or a documentary on the go, and I just hadn’t noticed it before.

My brother-in-law introduced me to the wonderful world of podcasts and I never looked back. This little app that I had previously deleted from my phone suddenly opened up a whole heap of new possibilities. That sounds crazy cheesy, but I don’t care. I now listen to true crime podcasts, podcasts about feminism, linguistics, interviews with impressive or unusual people and so on.

I also always watch/listen to TEDx Talks because it’s such an amazing resource for discovering new ideas and new people. It was incredibly useful for my dissertation, I watched hundreds of talks about grief, school shootings, terminal illnesses and I learned while I sobbed my eyes out.

If you’re interested, I’m currently working on a blog post about my favourite podcasts and other learning resources. Keep your eye out, I’m hoping to have it live before the end of January.


have fun.png

So those are some of my goals for the upcoming year. My ultimate goal is to be happy and to have a shitload of fun this year. I’m going to graduate, turn 21, move to a new city, start further education and so much more. Hopefully it’ll be an amazing 12 months, and if it isn’t? Who cares, at least I’ll have something to write about.

MJ x


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20, studying at UEA in Norwich

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