I feel sick

Hands shaking, cheeks flushing, insides boiling over

Like abandoned fusilli on a hob too small

I cannot forget

I will not forgive

Words slip off my dagger tongue

Quicker than I like,

Faster than I can think


Other days,

The sickness is there, the shaking and flushing

But my dagger stays sheathed

Instead my eyes darken and my face

Drops to stone

I will not speak

I will not hear you

You fade into insignificance


I say, to friends, family, strangers

That I am not as angry as I once was

Which is true

But the rage still overflows

Hotter and faster than any other I have met

Why, when I love so fiercely,

Do I also slice that love to pieces and

Use the shards to blind


If wrath is a sin,

I am the deadliest

Hatred boils in my veins even when senseless

I feel anger on all days

Any occasion

Any target

Hatred finds its own prey,

And often, I am the hunted.



This is an original poem written by Miriam Methuen-Jones.


Hello! This is a nerve-wracking project for me, but life is boring spent in your comfort zone, eh? I’ve decided to publish a series of fiction pieces (prose/poetry, it doesn’t matter) which I have to write in one draft. I think as a writer I’m always panicking that my work isn’t good enough, and I never get round to showing anyone because nothing is ever ‘ready’. I spent 6+ months on a creative dissertation and when I handed it in I still didn’t think it was finished.

So, I’m challenging myself. No editing, no re-writing, no deleting. Even if I think it’s a bit shit, I have to publish it on here. Hopefully that will reduce some of the fear I feel about sharing drafts! Plus, who knows, maybe I’ll stumble across something I really love while I’m just writing mindlessly.

MJ x

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Posted by:MJ

20, studying at UEA in Norwich

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