HOORAY for a new Wes movie!

Let me start by saying that I was worried that this film would be artistically good, the kind of film that people rave about and speak in confusing sentences about, but that it wouldn’t be fun to watch.

I was wrong.

This film was beautiful, weird, and intrinsically entertaining. Plus, dogs. There’s lots and lots of dogs.

We open on a dystopian version of Japan where the powerful members of society are cat lovers, and dog haters. All of the dogs are rounded up and sent off to ‘Trash Island’ which then becomes ‘Isle of Dogs’. The general plotline follows a young boy (Atari Kobayashi) who goes in search of his beloved pupper who has been banished to Trash Island. Atari is also the ward of the mayor, so his disappearance and subsequent reappearance on the Isle of Dogs causes quite a stir, especially since the mayor is the driving force behind the dog banishment.

Atari crashes onto the island and is rescued by five dogs who then attempt to lead him to his old guard-dog – Spot. Along the way, the domesticated dogs serve Atari very willingly, but Chief (who is an ex-stray) isn’t impressed at all that this small human boy has come to their island and is expecting their help.

I won’t spoil too much, but there’s also a foreign exchange student with a cool blonde ‘fro, some poisonous wasabi, dog soap, a fancy female dog, some sneezes and a happy ending.

I hope you go see it, and I hope you love it as much as I did.

MJ x

Image result for Isle of Dogs in japanese
Atari – via : Pinterest
Image result for Isle of Dogs in japanese
via : Vox
Image result for Isle of Dogs
via : Highsnobiety


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