Hello, friends. I’m back again!

This time I’ve collated a whole heap of stuff that I love on Firebox. Firebox is a great place to find unique or quirky gifts, so I’ve gathered some of my favourites to share with you lot.


Image result for firebox Mrs Potts tea infuser
via : Firebox

The pun on the website is: Brew-tea and the Beast. Amazing, incredible, inspired. I love tea, and I love Beauty and the Beast so this is a huge win. Find it here for £6.99


Image result for firebox dinosaur planter
via : Firebox

Next up, this cute dino planter caught my eye. I’m sure it’d be simple to DIY something like this but if you can’t be bothered, Firebox has three scaly options to choose from. Find them here for £29.99 per planter


Image result for firebox snitch light
via : Firebox

Just warning you, I went a bit mad on lights, so expect to see many more on this list. The first is a Harry Potter themed little cutie. The light is touch enabled and will give your room a touch of magic. Find it here for £24.99


Image result for firebox enchanted rose light
via : Firebox

Back to the Beauty and the Beast theme, this light is similarly touch enabled and I think it’s both stunning and cooooool. I want to get one and keep it in my dilapidated West Wing and prowl around in my billowing cape. Find it here for £24.99


Image result for firebox lazy fucker mug
via : Firebox

This next choice is pretty self-explanatory. I’m a high-functioning lazy piece of shit and I like the pretty blue colour. Find this mug here for £9.99


Image result for firebox sashay away doormat
via : Firebox

This one I really love. I want to feel like I’m on Drag Race every time I leave my house. Also, I want visitors to know they’re only welcome for a few hours max. Find this sassy piece of floor fabric here for £19.99


Image result for firebox mario light
via : Firebox

Another light! This lil squishy cutie would level up (geddit) any room. Plus, you can lob it at someone and say ‘get a life’. Amazing. Find it here for £14.99


Image result for firebox boob candle
via : Firebox

What’s better than candles? Boobs on candles! This is a titillating piece of product design. Jeeesus I find myself hilarious. Find this boobie treat here for £14.99


Image result for firebox dinosaur light
via : Firebox

Another dino, another light. This stegosaurus cutie would totally keep you company while you sobbed over your paperwork and/or the last chapter of a heartbreaking book. Find her here for £29.99


Image result for firebox pink peg board
via : Firebox

I’m not sure why the peg-board trend sprung up but I’m here for it. I’m especially fond of this lil pink number. I can see myself writing gross (hilarious) quotes on it and leaving it in my hallway or writing a meal plan on it in my kitchen and feeling like an adult. Find it here for £29.99


Image result for firebox fuck it mug
via : Firebox

Another mug! This time in a snazzy peach colour and with my life motto written across it! My motto is actually kind of half this and half ‘let’s worry about every possibility just in case’, but this is cute. Find it here for £9.99


Image result for firebox hang up light
via : Firebox

Another two lights coming at you… This one I think would be freaking adorable to hang in a closet/fancy walk-in wardrobe. If I ever have a wardrobe space which is big enough to actually have artwork/lights then this baby is going right on the wall. Find it here for £22.99


Image result for firebox book light
via : Firebox

Last light, I promise. I love this book light for a little reading nook or a bedside table. As soon as I have my own place and enough spare cash to decorate, this cutie is gonna end up right in my basket. Find it here for £19.99


Image result for firebox cheeky dishcloths
via : Firebox

I freaking adore these cheeky tea towels. The one on the right is for sure my favourite, but I love the mix of kitsch and fuckery in both designs. Find them here for £12.99 (each)


Image result for firebox cheeky oven glove
via : Firebox

Ditto, these oven gloves are amazing. My sense of humour is dark, but I still think pastels are cute. Also, I fucking despise the idea of having boring items in your home. Why have a plain oven glove when you could have that has a murder joke on it? Find these here for £12.99 (each)


Image result for firebox iKettle rose gold
via: Firebox

This is the priciest item on my list and it’s a total pipe-dream. However, the idea of being able to tell Alexa to turn on the kettle? From my bed??? I am living for that concept. Yes, I am a lazy fucker – we established this – but the future is here, people. Find it here for £99.99 or £129.99 (for limited edition white and rose gold edition)


Image result for firebox eleven candle
via : Firebox

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, my favourite of them all. I cannot express how much I want this bad-ass Eleven candle. I’m so in love with this inanimate object, it’s getting kinda weird. Find her here for £29.99


Congrats if you made it to the end of my ramblings. Hit me up with any of your Firebox favourites, I’m always intrigued.

MJ x


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