We all know that panic of realising it’s your mate’s birthday and you’ve got nothing to give them. Amazon Prime is a saviour to us all, you just gotta know how to use it. I’ve rounded up a few ideas for how to create thoughtful presents in a pinch, without moving from your couch. All you’ll need is some wrapping paper/baskets to dump the stuff in (add some to your Amazon basket if you’re really short on time) and you’re ready to get gifting!

This time we’re creating:


A Movie Night Box of Joy

Pick up some of their favourite films, or check out Amazon’s ‘bestsellers’ in the DVD and Blu-Ray section for ideas.

Coco [DVD] [2017] [2018]
via : Amazon

Pick up Coco here for £9.99

Black Panther [DVD] [2018]
via : Amazon

Order Black Panther here for £9.99

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri [DVD] [2018]
via : Amazon

Buy Three Billboards here for £9.99

So that’s entertainment sorted, now we need snacks. 

Image result for Variety Popcorn Gift Bag - ZaraMamas Gourmet Popping Corn (5 x Assorted 90g Bags)
via : Amazon

Find them here for £9

via : Amazon

Find this selection here for £9.99

Thanks to Amazon pantry, you can order all kinds of sweet/salty goodies for your movie night gift box but I think popcorn is a staple. Why not get fancy and order these examples of gourmet popcorn? Find tonnes of other popcorn and snack options in the Pantry section if these don’t float your boat.


Image result for Unique Party 59022 - Popcorn Boxes, Pack of 10
via : Amazon

How about including a few of these cute popcorn boxes? They’re fun, retro, and they add a little flair to your gift! Find there here for £2.79

Snacks are sorted, but don’t they need something to snuggle under?

EHC Herringbone King Size 100% Cotton Throws for Sofa Bed Blanket Throw, 125 x 150cm - Grey
via : Amazon

This herringbone throw blanket is really nice and is only £7.99 with Prime delivery! There are cheaper options and more expensive blankets, but I thought this was really nice for the price point. Find it here

How about some decor?

via : Amazon

Add a clapperboard and write the occasion/recipient’s name on it for an added personal touch. Find this one here for £6.99

via : Amazon

This one is a little cheeky because it isn’t included in Amazon Prime, but if you’re slightly more organised, I think this cute movie-themed confetti would be a nice addition. Find a pack here for £1.83 (with free UK delivery)

via : Amazon

Again on the decoration theme, these vintage style tickets are super cute! There are cheaper versions available, but you get quite a 2000 tickets included with this purchase and, also, it’s available on Prime. Find them here for £9.47

Need something that puts the ‘extra’ in extravagant? 

via : Amazon

Finally, if you’re really wanting to go all out, add a freaking slushy machine! No more £4 Tango Ice Blasts! Your lucky recipient can recreate the cinematic magic in their own home! Or, screw your mate and order one of these bad boys for yourself. Find one here for £52

Overall Costings

Basic Bundle (1 DVD, 1 popcorn pack, no decor, no slushie machine): £29.77

Kinda Snazzy (2 DVDs, 1 popcorn, clapperboard, no slushie machine): £46.75

Extravaganza (everything above!): £130.03



Obviously, the joy of a gift box is that it’s entirely customisable. Does your friend hate popcorn? Add sweets, or savoury biscuits, or a load of fruit! Does your friend love Disney? Add Disney movies, a Disney themed throw or some socks, Disney plates to eat off etc. There are tonnes of ideas and themes to try out. The best thing is that you know your recipient will see that some thought has been put into the gift – they don’t need to know how little effort it took!

Keep an eye on the blog for more Amazon gift box ideas and other last minute gift ideas.

MJ x


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