Oops, did someone nearly go an entire month without updating her blog? In my defence, I’ve been procrastinating and also trying to get my life together. In any case, I’m baaaack! Today’s post is a celebration of my trip to Italy and a gorgeous wedding.

At the base of Malcesine Castle

My wonderful boyfriend’s cousin got married on the 18th of June and we got to go to Italy! I’d never been to Italy before so I was incredibly excited. We happened to be booked onto the same flight out as the bride and groom and a tonne of my partner’s other family members so even the time spent in the airport was pretty fun.

Watching the planes with a giant gin in hand..

This was me already four drinks deep at midday. My partner’s family can drink so my glass was never even close to being empty! Plus, we were in full holiday mode already so it doesn’t really count, right?

Spotted the Alps from the plane


At the top of Malcesine Castle for the ceremony

David was sweltering in his kilt, but to be fair I reckon he would have been boiling no matter what. I really love my sunflower dress (from ASOS, if you’re wondering) because it has a really subtle tartan print when you get close up to the navy colour. AKA, I matched David’s kilt! This was us just after the ceremony, feeling hot and happy.


The bride and groom

This was the beautiful walk up to the ceremony. We were sat on seats in front of the gazebo, right under the Italian sun. It was such an incredible place to see two lovely people get married. You could see the lake on the right and the mountains on the left, and then Rachael and Robert were framed in the centre. Stunning.


Me trying to get artsy while waiting for food..

The reception was held at the base of the castle, in an outdoor space right next to the lake. This picture is showing the view from my seat, and me taking advantage of some of the cute table decorations. They also had M&Ms personalised with their faces, and disposable cameras which kept the tiny cousins entertained for the entire night. I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the flattering pics they got of me from very suspect angles…

We didn’t go out after the wedding because, honestly, I was shattered by about half eleven and was ready for some air-con and my bed. My poor David has to put up with such a sleepy, sleepy girlfriend, sorry!

Bellini babe in the Malcesine harbour

After the wedding, Lake Garda did not disappoint. I had some of the best food and drink of my entire life. Above, is me enjoying yet more day drinking and feeling very snazzy with my decked out glass. The picture below, shows us drinking at Malcesine harbour, right by a lovely little group (flock?) of ducks. The restaurant was where I had the best pizza of my entire life. It was four cheeses with olives, I think… I barely remember because I inhaled it and was sat in awe as the cheese coma set in.

Drinks by the harbour


Malcesine was small, but there were beautiful things to explore. We found boutique independent shops, incredible gelato places, and a little art village hidden away beneath the castle. I completely fell in love with the cobbled streets winding around and under the castle.

The cobbled streets of Malcesine
36455419_10160357403255447_4506392524344000512_n (1).jpg
The castle and the lake

On the left is Malcesine Castle, where the ceremony was. It was about a 3km walk from our hotel into the centre of Malcesine, but it was a beautiful walk. The entire route was alongside the lake and I couldn’t help feeling like a spoiled brat as we strolled through the sun.

Also, lake Garda is a freshwater lake meaning that it was so amazing to swim in. You come out of the water not smelling of chlorine, and not having a load of salt in your hair. You can open your eyes in the water and it’s so clear you can see the fish! Ah, I’m in love.


All in all, the week spent in Malcesine was so much fun. I’m really grateful that Rachael and Robert were thoughtful enough to invite us to share in this experience. Thanks for getting married in such a stunning place!

Sorry for the break in communication, please be patient with me!

MJ x

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