Huzzah and hurrah my life is utterly perfect! I went to see the second Incredibles film with my lovely middle sister and my boyfriend. Praise Jesus that I had company, because it meant my raucous laughter and tears were (sort of) normalised.

If you haven’t seen the adverts, the premise is that ElastiGirl (Helen Parr)/(Mrs Incredible) (ew) becomes the hot new face of the Supers. She’s powerful, organised, competent, and just generally perfect. Of course, there’s a power struggle because Mr Incredible is a big ole baby and is worried his wife will outshine him. Duh, mate, she outshines you just by breathing. Anyway, I appreciated the realistic portrayal of this massive man having his fragile ego crushed. He wants to be happy for his wife, he knows that her success means his freedom, but it drives him mad that he’s now in her shadow. On top of that, Bob is left home in charge of the kids. Chaos ensues.

I won’t spoil any plot points, but holy moly Edna IS BACK. I am Edna, Edna is me. She BABYSITS. B A B Y S I T S. Go see it just for that tbh.

Jack Jack is a hero to all. A terrifying, fantastic hero. SPOILERS: he spends one night with Edna and becomes a mini me. A minier mini me? Edna is already small so I’m not sure.. a minute me?

Violet is relatable as fuck and has her priorities firmly in order.

Screech made me screeeeech, bloody hilarious. He’s this Super in an owl suit and he just tickled me.

Dash is fantastic.

F R O Z O N E. He’s chill, chill, chill. (There are some great theme songs.)

Robert is okay, he tries. He does try. He does genuinely want to be a good husband and a great dad.

Helen is just perfect. PRAISE such a female-heavy film. Finally, the very film we’ve been crying out for.

EDNA. Did I mention Edna? I know spinoffs are shite, but an Edna Mode spinoff? Y A S  P L E A S E.

This ‘review’ makes no sense. Please just understand that my crazy ramblings come from a place of absolute love. I laughed audibly, so many times, definitely annoying the people around me.

Just go see the damn film. Why are you even reading this? You know it’s gonna be fantastic. (It was.)


Screengrabs without context:

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 23.54.52
via : Indie Wire


Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 23.56.19.png
via : Hype Beast


Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 23.57.12.png
via : YouTube


Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 23.58.59.png
via : Just Jared


Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 23.59.36.png
via : Film Affinity


I didn’t include any pics of Helen being badass because I couldn’t find any (I presume because of copyright and laws and that) but it’s all good.

Go. Watch. This. Film.

MJ x

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