I’ve waited awhile since I purchased these things so I could give a proper opinion. Spoilers: Stradivarius (Straddy) is one of my new favourite clothing brands of all time.

Also, sorry for the dodgy and inconsistently sized photos – I’ve found it tricky to find the original product photos because most items are out of stock.


Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 21.05.48.png
via : Stradivarius

I bought these striped mom jeans for £9.99 (a bargain, I know). I went for a size 14 because I wasn’t sure what the sizing was like and with stiff denim I never know what’s gonna go over my booty. It turns out, despite my recent body crisis, I’m not a size 14 at all. I think a 10 would have fit me perfectly, and a 12 could have been comfortably baggy. Despite the oversized nature of this pair, I’ve been wearing them to death. They snazz up any outfit. Unfortunately, they’re out of stock so I haven’t included a link.



via : Stradivarius

This choker-style top is also pretty snazzy. This is one of the more formal pieces I picked up and it’s perfect for the ol’ ‘jeans and a nice top’ gig. This was £7.99 and is also sold out, sorry!



Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 20.46.37
via : Stradivarius
Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 20.47.02
via : Stradivarius

Anyone who knows me will attest to how often I’m now wearing these red espadrilles: they’re perfect! I love the strip on the inside and the bow detail. These were £12.99 and worth every penny.


Here’s a grab of me showing them off on my instagram – hence the so-so quality, sorry!



Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 20.47.44
via : Stradivarius

These white checked trousers were also only £9.99. I haven’t worn them as much as some of the other items, admittedly, but I haven’t really had occasion to. I did wear them to Edinburgh Fringe one day and because of the elasticated waist, they were super comfortable all day. These are also sold out, ugh sorry, but here’s a link to some similar checked trousers.


Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 20.48.24
via : Stradivarius

These earrings, however, I have worn pretty much exclusively since receiving the parcel. They’re kind of ‘granny chic’ which I’m a fan of at the moment. The whole set was £7.99 and hurrah! they are in stock! Find the set here.



Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 20.50.33.png
via : Stradivarius

This is my ‘dad on holiday’ shirt and I love it. T’was £7.99. Pairing it with the striped jeans gives just the right amount of androgyny and chilled vibes. Also, black and floral always steals my heart. Again, this is seemingly out of stock but check out the Stradivarius website for some sweet printed tees and shirts. This shirt is pretty similar, but with longer sleeves.



Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 20.53.20.png
via : Stradivarius

This shirt with bone buttons and Swiss embroidery has been a lifesaver this summer; I even wore it to get tattooed in – an awful idea really because of the black ink. Find it here for £7.99. Busty women, beware, this looks like a loose top but will end up flashing a lot of cleavage – obviously this is not a problem, if you’re expecting it!


My final purchase is my favourite, and has been impossible to find on the internet! Once I ordered it, it’s like the listing vanished into thin air. Instead, enjoy this pic of me wearing it.

Me (L) and my best pal (R) looking cute as heck

It’s this amazing gymnast/acrobat print shirt! I’m entirely in love with it and will wear it until it falls apart at the seams. I want to be buried in this shirt. I want to get married in this shirt. Screw that, I want to marry this shirt.

We’re so cute and drunk

Bonus image of the shirt from behind. As you can kinda tell, it is a bit sheer when light is shined on it (flash in the dark, e.g.) but wear a nude bra and you’re fine.


That’s all for now! I’d highly recommend Stradivarius as a brand. Their clothing is affordable, quirky, and well-made. Just being on the site again to double check my order has been dangerous, I’ve added too many things into my basket and I don’t know how to leave without buying them all…

MJ x


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