I’m doing one of my favourite styles of blog post as a dedication to one of the busiest summers of my life. It’s been a mad few months and I’m not sure I’ve loved every minute, but I’ve loved most of them.

Sit back and have a scroll through my memories – a digital pensieve, if you will. Here we go…




These are some photos from one of our last evenings out in Norwich before graduation. We went to one of our most visited spots, a gelato bar which is open late (Sundaes Gelato). Ft. my very fake smile when I realised Ezgi was taking pictures and my v real laughter in the first pic. I miss this young man extortionate amounts and can’t wait to reunite with him in Norwich at some point!



Same night, different angle. What’s an evening without a Spoons visit? I remember I was disappointed because we had these grand ideas to try some of the places in Norwich we had never been – but the vegan restaurant we started at was entirely booked so we ate at Pizza Express. Then, we couldn’t decide on a new dessert place so we went to our old faithful. Then, Spoons was the cheapest so we ended up at Spoons as per. But really, it was a nice night with fantastic people and it was almost a better way to spend one of the last nights because it felt like tradition.



June was also the month that the heatwave arrived. Here we are sleeping on the grass in Eaton Park, surrounded by snacks. This was also the day I found out I’d got a first on one of my pieces of fiction which is unheard of (for me, lol). It was a really peaceful day.



This indulgence is kind of a funny story. On the final trip back from Norwich with all my stuff, we stopped to have ‘a light snack’ and found this sweet tearoom in Horsham (I think). We thought we were just ordering one scone each and a cuppa – but the waitress misunderstood what we were ordering, and returned with a full afternoon tea for each of us. Our ‘light snack’ turned into a £15pp luxuriant feast. Thank you, Mum & Mick, for doing multiple trips the past three years to help me with all my stuff! Also, thank you thank you for agreeing to do one more! Glasgow is slightly further than Norwich…



Just like that, I was home. Here’s me and my friggin’ adorable niece looking unimpressed as we watch something. I’ve never loved any girl more, I wish I could snap her up and take her to Glasgow with me. I’ve always been conflicted about having kids, but having Ra run up to me or nuzzle into my neck or pull herself onto my lap with a book or fall asleep on me in the morning- AH! I’m hooked.



This is me looking a bit rough because David’s family wake up crazy early and I normally have breakfast and mooch around and maybe get back in bed. Anyway, this is their dog Bonnie who I love with my whole heart. This was just before she went into the kennels while we were in Malcesine.



Next up was our week in sunny Malcesine. I sweated all week. To hear more stunning anecdotes about my sweat, check out the post I wrote about the trip.




I went flat-hunting in Glasgow and hit up some great foodie joints. This vegetarian hot dog is from Mono, one of my favourites. Mono is also a music venue, and their menu is spectacular in an understated way – check out their website if you like.



A slightly healthier lunch came from Martha’s, a great discovery. Martha’s does fast food, but healthy fast food. This falafel bowl with rice and homemade slaw was fantastic – and I think only 400 calories or so? The whole place has a great atmosphere and there’s often a queue on weekdays as people in the city drop in for a genuinely delicious lunch. Check out the website here.



Back in Derby, I hung out with my cats in the sun. They did sometimes venture into the actual sunshine, and sometimes so did I. I’m pale, and they’re stuck in fur coats so we’re a great match for the shade.


That’s all for now! For context, we’re ending this post about two days before my birthday. My birthday, party, and graduation were all within seven days so there’s a lot of photos for July! Keep an eye out for part two.

I hope you’re all having an amazing summer – especially any of you who have just left school. The summer before I started university was fantastic, I don’t think I’d ever felt more free before.

MJ x


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