I’m full of water

We all are

But I’ve been drinking

2 litres a day

The recommended amount

The minimum, really

I feel so bright


My skin is clear

My stomach is flatter

My brain is racing

Not a moment lost

But, at what fucking cost.


I can’t get through an episode

of my favourite show

I can’t take a nap

I can’t agree to an exercise class

The theatre is out

No hills to climb

Because, dear friends,

I’m pissing all the time.


Every fifteen minutes

My smug bladder yawns

Prods me in the stomach


Calling out for release

I grunt and roll over,

I’m deep in my bed

My bladder


And prods.


I’ll never sleep through

A whole night

I miss the days of



One piss a day.


I’m hydrated as hell

But at what








Back at it with an unedited ‘word vomit’ poem. This one comes from the heart and has many layers..

I need to get back into writing properly before I start my Masters in September, so why not chuck a load of words on a page and forget about structure for a while. That’s my jam for the next few weeks.

I hope things are well with you lot, drop me a message if things aren’t. Or, if things are great and you just want someone else to know, I’m open to that too! I think too often we forget to rant about the good things in our life. It’s much more fun to complain, isn’t it?

MJ x


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Posted by:MJ

20, studying at UEA in Norwich

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