Another installation of the small spaces series! This time it’s the living room, the heart of the home. Sorry to all the kitchen fans, in a small space it’s all about the living room (tbf, mine are combined).

Let’s get looking at some smol things.


Nesting tables

One obvious way to save space is to grab some nesting tables. They only really use up the footprint of one table, but give you loads of options when guests come over. If you’re anything like me then you like to have a surface available at every angle to plop your cuppa down on, nesting tables solve this!


nest tables.png

1 – ASDA £59 / 2 – IKEA £45 / 3 – Argos £20.99 / 4 – Argos £39.99 / 5 – IKEA £50


Storage ottoman

If your living room is small, of course you need as much storage as you can squeeze into the room. One way to add storage and minimise clutter is to invest in a storage ottoman/foot stool.

storage ottoman.png

1 – Argos £79.99 / 2 – ASDA £79.99 / 3 – Amazon £16.99 / 4 – Amazon £24.80 /  5 – Wilko £11



Corner TV unit

Of course, use every spare piece of space in your living room! I’m not up for mounting my TV because I don’t think it’s worth it for twelve months. If I end up staying longer I’d definitely do it, it’s a killer space saver. For now, I’m grabbing a corner table to fit neatly into my tiny living space. I think I’m ordering number 5 from Wayfair.

corner tables.png

1 – Furniture in Fashion £89.95 / 2 – Wayfair £135.99 / 3 – Maisons du Monde £149.50 / 4 – Argos £32.99 / 5 – Wayfair £79.99



Desk/dining table

Obviously, in a tiny space furniture needs to work twice as hard. There’s no space for a desk and a dining table so if you can combine the two – do it! I’ve bought the ‘Lillasen’ dest (number 3) because of the handy dandy drawers. Below are some other great options; some are extendable, some are foldable, and some are just dang cute.

dining tables.png

1 – Habitat £225 / 2 – Argos £49.99 (foldable!) / 3 – IKEA £120 / 4 – IKEA £70 / 5 – IKEA £180


Another obvious way to save space is to utilise all your available wall space. If you’re renting long-term, or (somehow) own your place then get some shelves up on your walls and pile your belongings up to the ceiling.
Also, if possible, buy a sofa on legs so you can store things under your sofa. There are those slim containers on wheels (something like this) which would work for keeping blankets or bedding out of sight. You could also stash your DVD collection in there, or some electronics – anything, really.

I’m still on the hunt for a few more pieces, I need to check out some secondhand furniture stores when I’m back in Scotland. When I’m happier with the look of my space I’ll upload some ‘before and after’ shots because I’m a sucker for them.

Until next time.

MJ x


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