Let’s pick up again at my birthday. I have a stunning mid-July birthday and I’m always crazy excited about it. This one was kind of special because I turned 21. Even though I’m an old lady, I’m allowed to be extra and celebrate my birthday in style.




This was part of my amazing birthday breakfast. My sister made an incredible spread with yoghurt, granola, crepes, fresh fruit, prosecco, plus lots and lots of melon. I’m a spoiled brat and I love it.



We also went out for a meal in the evening, which my snazzy boyfriend kindly turned up from Scotland for. We went to one of my favourite places in Derby and honestly, it was just a really wholesome evening.



This is my beautiful mama, she’s keeping me sane at the moment and I love her to pieces. I’m not sure what we were giggling about here but I’m sure it was wildly inappropriate.



This is me on the same night feeling very awkward while everyone sang. Also, peep the incredible lemon cake my sister also made for me because she is an angel. Along with this, she also made a three-tier cake for my party at the weekend. Told you, I’m spoiled.



Miriams 21st Birthday - OH! Photobooth-45

I threw a 20’s themed 21st birthday party and had a fucking blast, lemme tell you. Hiring a photobooth was definitely the best decision I ever made. The BookCafe hosted me and my family, which I hugely appreciate. Shoutout to Matty for giving me birthday shots before we went out on the town.


Miriams 21st Birthday - OH! Photobooth-175

Miriams 21st Birthday - OH! Photobooth-176

The only people who didn’t manage to squeeze into the final photo were my university pals. I’m so incredibly grateful for them travelling up to party with me. UEA was worth it, just to meet you amazing humans. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the effort to come see me. I love you all.




I graduated! It was a rocky three years, but I did it. I did it!



Me and my sister took a few days out and went to stay with our aunt in Germany. There’s something so special about spending time with family once you’re old enough to hear all the gossip and get tipsy on expensive wine over board games…



I took this in Principle Market in Munster. Just above the clock face are some creepy cages where Anabaptist rebels were kept after they were killed. I thought it was pretty cool, and kinda disturbing – but nevertheless a great view.



We went to stay in Bad Pyrmont which is a famous holiday spot in Germany. My aunt kindly booked us in for a night at this luxurious spa hotel and sorted treatments for us all. I’ve never really had a professional massage before, so it was nice to be spoiled (again).



One of my best friends in the entire world also turned 21 this year. Technically, his birthday was in June, but selfishly he was in America so we couldn’t celebrate. Instead, we decided to give him a heart attack and sort a surprise party at his house. Let the hijinx ensue.



Definitely not smashed in this photo. Definitely not forcing that beautiful dog to love me.




Back in Glasgow again! My aunt and uncle were also back in Scotland: they very kindly took me to Ubiquitous Chip (fancy Glasgow restaurant) as a belated birthday present. I was very impressed with both the interior, and the free bread they kept bringing. This is a snap of my ‘cauliflower cheese’ which actually involved some melted brie, pastry, mini pickled onions and a whole host of other delicious items. 10/10 would recommend.




Finally, for now, this picture I took in the Glasgow Botanic Gardens of a staircase hiding away in the foliage. I drove all the way up to Glasgow with my bestie and we spent a few days watching awful films, eating junk, assembling furniture, and exploring the city a little. I can’t wait to be back in Glasgow but I do wish I wasn’t gonna be so far away from her.


That’s pretty much my summer! Obviously there are things I can’t include and there are things I’m yet to do. But, I’m off to Glasgow for good this coming Saturday so a nice little roundup seemed necessary.

How has your summer been? Some of you sent me some really cute updates via instagram (still locked out of my twitter fml) after my last post – please hit me up again! I loved seeing glimpses of your summer.

MJ x


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