It’s Halloween month! Let’s get spooky.

T K Maxx is a great place to get some cute seasonal items that aren’t too tacky. I mean, it’s still a load of garish stuff – but it’s cute! I’ve compiled three different collections of things they’re really excelling in.


Wanna get spooky for Halloween? Wrap some snazzy garlands around your house and you’re suddenly deep into some seasonal cheer. I love garlands at any time of the year, but these spooky boys are some of my favourites.

spooky strings.png

1) ghost, orange and black pumpkins – £14.99 / 2) skull and pumpkin garland – £14.99 / 3) wee smiley ghosties – £14.99 / 4) black and white ghosties – £14.99 / 5) Frankencutie and bitey bats – £14.99



Tea Towels

One way to prepare your house for the season? Swap out your tea towels for something spookier. I definitely got this idea from my mum, she has Christmas tea towels, hand towels, place mats etc.

spooky tea towels.png

1) floaty ghosties – £5.99 / 2) skeleton in a pickle – £5.99 / 3) halloween flamingos – £4.99 / 4) trick or treat cats – £5.99 / 5) costume cats – £5.99


Jars? Bowls?

These made me giggle so much, they’re just ridiculous. If I was hosting a Halloween party I’d totally fill these hilarious cuties with snacks and treats. If I was sitting at home alone (more likely) I would fill them with popcorn and they’d be my food friends.

spooky jars.png

1) pumpkin king – £7.99 / 2) gobby ghostie – £7.99 / 3) black cat, white mouth – £7.99 / 4) black cat, anguish in its eyes – £16.99


I hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of Halloween treats available in T K Maxx. There’s obviously plenty more things to choose from, hit up a store to see their selection. I really liked putting this together, so I might focus on different stores and find more Halloween-y things. Let me know if you have any shop suggestions!

MJ x


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