A Simple Favour was a really fun one to see on my own. I’m a big fan of thrillers, so I was ready for this one. I was super excited for the screening because since I saw the trailer with its designer suits, upbeat French music, humour, and violence – I kinda fell in love. However, I was a tiny bit disappointed, if I’m honest, because it felt a little bit too similar to Gone Girl. But, I did enjoy Gone Girl…

Read on and I’ll try to decide how I feel about the film.

The film focusses on Stephanie, a single mother who has her own vlog with a loyal following of mums. Stephanie excels at crafting, baking, decorating, and smothering. She’s the twee, overachieving mum that all the other mums hate because she makes them feel guilty for not being as obsessed with their own children. Enter: Emily. Emily is the mother who never wanted kids. She’s fierce, sharply dressed, exotic, and apparently unreachable. She lives in a huge house, has passionate paintings of herself on display in her steel-and-glass living room, and drinks martinis made of frozen gin out of frozen glasses. Stephanie and Emily form a friendship pretty quickly after their sons insist on play dates. Stephanie is of course a little obsessed with Emily, her perfect life, and her magnetic personality. Emily asks Stephanie to collect her son from school one day and then disappears – without a trace.

The film follows as Stephanie tries to discover where her new friend has gone, and documents all the twists and turns of the case to her rapidly growing number of followers online.


ASF fashion
via : Vanity Fair

The costuming in A Simple Favour is stunning. Emily’s outfits are just 10/10 incredible. You can completely understand why everyone in Emily’s life just falls at her feet. For example, the outfit on the far left, Emily wears to a graveside. The girl has swag and I’m envious as heck.
Obviously, it isn’t just what the character wears, but the costuming so accurately depicts Emily’s power and utter self-confidence as she storms through life. I am so, so, pleased with Emily’s character and how A Simple Favour didn’t try to destroy her villainy with dependence on, or preoccupancy with a man.

Stephanie, similarly, grows throughout the film and becomes this resilient and intelligent woman who you cannot help but root for. She also has some great moments of defiance as a stay-at-home mum which contrast beautifully with Emily’s role as a working mother. But, I would in no way consider this film a commentary on motherhood: watch it, you’ll see.


Overall, it was a great film – entertaining and funny. I think I was hoping for a little more depth, just because Gone Girl was quite recent and I had hoped for a little more.. distance between the two narratives. If you’re after a more light-hearted, stylish, happy-ending version of Gone Girl, this is the one for you.

Grab a bottle of wine with your pals and enjoy this one for what it is – fun.

MJ x


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