10 Dates

Dating is hard. I’ve been in a long distance relationship since 2013 and it sucks being so far apart. Aside from the distance, another hurdle is the fact that we’re both students so funds are pretty tight. I think regular date nights are so important especially in long-term relationships since they remind you both that […]

Part Three

The tour is back! If you’ve had enough, I promise this is the penultimate chapter! Back to regular non-Thailand posts soon. After Ko Samui and reaching the mainland again, it was an incredibly long drive to Hua Hin. On the way I napped a lot (sorry Pops) occasionally waking up to snack. We bought this […]

Devastated I guess it’s hard living life in extremes I am not sad, I am anguished I am not happy, I am ecstatic Every emotion overwhelms my capacity a slave to every sorrow every tug at the heart strings When the rain comes most people put up their umbrellas or run for cover. I dance […]

Part Two

Hello, hello! Ready for part two? If you haven’t read the first bit of my Thai adventure, you can check it out here. On our second proper day in Thailand, I woke up early and was treated to a fantastic breakfast at our hotel in Phuket. If you ever find yourself breakfasting in Thailand, make sure […]

Part One

Hello loves, welcome to another blog post. I’m finally writing about my Thailnd road trip! Let’s start at the beginning. On the 31st of August I headed to Gatwick airport by train. I met Pops (my dad) at the airport and we headed to check our bags and go through security etc. We had an […]

Mental Health

I thought for a long time about whether to talk about mental health on here. I finally decided that since I talk such a big game about ending the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses, I should be part of the fight for transparency. I hate that mental illnesses and physical illnesses are treated so differently. […]