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Giving Back

Hi friends, welcome/welcome back. I was recently asked which non-profit organisations I’m passionate about. For a few minutes I sat in guilty silence trying to remember the last time I donated to charity. I sat back and felt better about myself when I remembered I was a poor student with very little income. Exploring the Eventbrite […]

  Shorts It’s hot I’m wearing shorts so the sweat on my thighs can escape not to seduce you with my shins Can’t you control your basest instincts? Are they really instincts? Or are you just a cunt using nature as an excuse I can see a tight arse and want a taste But I […]

Pure Gym

I decided to join my local Pure gym whilst I’m at home for the summer. In Derby it’s so convenient, since it is located right at the entrance of the main shopping centre. I opted for the off-peak membership at £12.99 a month which I think is ridiculously reasonable. Especially since I’m a student, the […]

ASOS Activewear

  I am officially a gym-goer! Blog post coming soon about my experience with Pure Gym. I’m actually feeling really motivated but hey, is anything more motivating than new activewear? Have a look at some of my favourites from ASOS. All photos via ASOS My first choice is this Nike training top with blush and grey […]